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Dr. Angela Ahluwalia
Your Bellevue Chiropractor

Dr. Angela is a miracle worker. I used to get debilitating migraines. She made them a thing of the past. I literally used to buy Excedrin in bulk! Now I can't even remember the last time I had to take it! Dr. Angela improved my quality of life. Priceless. -J. H.

Dr. Laura is top notch. Her knowledge seems vast in her field and she is very professional. Went in for cupping for the first time and very impressed with the results and no ugly purple marks! Highly recommend. -M.M.

Dr. Angela Ahluwalia has provided the best care I could have expected. She is a no nonsense, caring, expert who is able to diagnose you correctly through outstanding listening skills and very careful examination. She is then able to provide the exact treatment you need with actual results. I came in with a slow healing sprained ankle which caused some lower back pain due to imbalance; after several adjustments, exercises, and recommendations for home treatments, I have seen demonstrable progress. To top it off, I received some massage treatment from Connie who further improved my condition in a miraculous way. I cannot state enough how grateful I am to be in this office where you are treated with true concern, expertise, and respect. I can also say that I have made a true friend. 6 stars out 5! -S.H.

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